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One-on-One Conversations at the intersection of

psychology and execution

Clients schedule as much time as they need without incurring additional costs or having to wait for the ‘next session’ to engage in coaching conversations. Engagements are month to month—there is no ‘package’ purchase required.

Agendaless but Accountability Oriented - Engagements are driven by client concerns and needs. Outcomes are the product of identifying goals, resources needed, and results measurement.

Growth Oriented & Strength Focused - Changing what is to what could be hinges on stretching the comfort zone AND using existing strengths. Michael's coaching style uses 360 feedback, psychometrics, and straightforward talk to encourage new habits while protecting useful ones. During coaching sessions, he will serve as your thought partner and confidante, pushing you to envision and achieve better outcomes. He will challenge you by providing the tough feedback others may not and help you build resilience so that when challenges arise, you’ll be better prepared to handle them with confidence and clarity. Together, you will look at how you can learn from mistakes, understand the power of failure, and use the lessons learned to create meaningful and lasting change. 

Possible coaching topics include creating a "wow" experience, vision & company culture, successful teams, leadership, effective communication, impactful presentations, and public speaking.

Curious but not sure coaching is for you?

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