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Through customized consulting and workshops, Michael offers a suite of services designed to empower teams and leaders and position the organization for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.


Improving your team's performance through process, vision, group dynamics, and communication

Whether your goal is to establish, expand, or enhance your team's efficiency, Michael will tailor the perfect solution, guaranteeing that your team is not only well-structured but also highly functional and aligned with organizational goals. Team off-sites are curated to build cohesion, facilitate open communication, and strategize on achieving collective goals in a setting that breaks from the daily office routine.

Assessment of team's effectiveness and team member's instinctive talents and strengths may include:

  • Kolbe Assessment

  • Data Gathering  & Analysis 

  • 360 Feedback

client experience


Creating client loyalty, building employee engagement, and capitalizing on the chance to 'make a great first impression' 

Bringing new clients and employees into your firm is an opportunity to 'get it right' and build strong advocacy that is hard to undervalue. Capitalize on great experiences, show them you care by handling misfires in an empathetic way, and drive advocacy by delivering a WOW experience end-to-end. 


Leveraging productive constraint to increase productivity

Workshop your type one and type two initiatives and learn to leverage your productive constraint. Sometimes doing less results in achieving more. We will identify the activities and goals that are a combination of moving the needle, leveraging strengths, and developing new skills. We will focus on the things that matter and don't flood the system with 'kitchen sink' objectives and initiatives, find your type two fun, reward the effort and celebrate the achievements.

PURPOSE (your why)

Defining your brand's vision, values, and mission as a key differentiator between you and your clients 

The purchase decision might have been made on price and convenience in the past-but the future is calling and it's not using a rotary phone. Increasingly, clients and potential employees want to connect with a brand's vision, values and mission. Finding out yours—what makes you tick and why should I choose your business over your competitors—is a key differentiator for today's businesses.  Let's work together to make sure that your why is deliberate and not accidental. 

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